Cheek Implants Appear Too Large

I am at the end of week 1 post cheek augmentation. I have considerable swelling across the mid face from upper lip to lower eyelids. The cheek implants have a large, rimmed appearance and I look like a cartoon character. Is it normal for implants to appear "too large" at this point in time?

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1 week post op. Cheek implants seem too large.

Hard to say anything without photos. You are very early on in the course. It is too early to say anything about a final result. Commonly there is swelling for a significant time after surgery.  Please continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon. Let him/her know your concerns.

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Large Cheek Implants

Swelling will make your implants look too large 1 week after surgery. "Chipmunk Cheeks" are possible right after mid-face surgery. It can take 6 weeks before you start to see your final result. Patiently enjoy your impovement.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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