Possible to Fix Uneven Cheek Implants?

I had cheek implants 3 weeks ago and i have seen the doctor 3 times after the surgery to tell him that one side the silicone feels so much lower than the other side. He does not listen. So i got an MRI as proof and one side is 1.5 cm lower. I dont even know if he did it correctly on either side cause the good side is protuding into my eye socket.

How difficult is it to move the right silicone implant up so it matches my other side? what are the complications?

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Uneven cheek implants

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You should discuss the findings on the xray with your plastic surgeon. Movement of the cheek implants is quite common. All it may take is you sleeping more on that side, bumping it a little or even chewing within first couple of weeks. He may be waiting for the swelling to go down and that is reasonable.

In most cases, I do not suture or secure them in place for the access I use is very small. In some cases though, I "skewer" the implants through the skin. Repositioning them can be done without too much difficulty but I can understand the plastic surgeons reluctance at this early date and 1.5cm difference. My suggestion would be to wait until the majority of the swelling has subsided, usually by 2 months or so and see what you look like then.

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Correcting complications of cheek implants

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Removing a repositioning silicone cheek implants is a very easy procedure to do from a technical standpoint. Getting the implants to look symmetric and stay in position takes a lot of skill and experience. If the implant on teh other side is protruding from your eye socket then that needs to be removed immediately. Best of luck.

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