I Was Charged $400.00 for a Syringe of Botox if the Syringe Was Full Did I Pay a Unit?

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Botox injections

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It is impossible to know just how much Botox Cosmetic you received.  Different injectors use different methods of reconstituting or mixing the medication.  Botox is delivered in a dehydrated state in 50 and 100 units sizes.  My preferred technique is to reconstitute 100 units with 2.5 cc of saline.  Thus, a one cc (ml) syringe in my hands contains 40 units of Botox.  Not every patient requires the exact same amount, or has the same goals, so I typically charge by the unit because I feel the pricing is more flexible that way. Some plastic surgeons prefer to charge by the area (glabella, forehead, crow's feet).  If you are unsure how many units you were administered, you should contact the doctor's office and ask them.  They should have clearly documented just how many units you were given.

Yuba City Plastic Surgeon

How do physicians charge for Botox?

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Physicians can either charge for Botox by the "syringe" or by the unit. A typical "dose" or "syringe" of Botox is 20 units.

Theda C. Kontis, MD
Baltimore Facial Plastic Surgeon
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