Can I Change the Color of my Areola by Any Lighting Cream, Laser, Etc?

I had a breast lift last summer with an areola reduction. Since my areola was so massive, a lot was still left by the scar line. To better describe, the scar line from the nipple/rounded areola down to the base of the breast is usually seen as being a straight single scar line. Mine however, is a pretty thick line down my breast that maybe be the remaining part of my areola (so theres the coloring doing down breast). Can I bleach this or change its color in any way to match the rest of my breast

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Changing the color of the vertical mastopexy scar

Pre and post op photos would be helpful, but it sounds like you have some remaining areolar skin in the vertical scar...the only way to improve this would be to revise the scar and excise the darker skin...if the surgery was done a year ago, you should be a candidate for this now.

Maui Plastic Surgeon
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Breast scars

It sounds as though you have soem hyperetrophic scars and I wiould get soem silicone strips or scar creams to see if you can get them to soften.If they get really thick maybe soem kenalog injections.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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