Is There a Way to Change the Shape of Lips Post Injections?

After restylane injections my lips look like two earth worms stuck to my face. Is there any way of changing the shape to a more natural shape? It has been 4 days since the injections.

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With Restylane injections to the lips, you don’t want to do anything for the first few weeks

With Restylane injections to the lips, you don’t want to do anything for the first few weeks.  At 4 days there may be residual swelling.  Restylane does absorb water for 48 hours and there may be some bruising and so forth.  I would wait.  It can be massaged, and, if necessary, injected with hyaluronidase to remove it or more can be injected to even out the shape. 

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Filler in lips that looks like 2 earth worms....

I would recommend massaging the area with firm pressure, in the attempt to try to flatten it out.  If after a week you are unable to get the filler down you may have to get it dissolved.  I recommend following up with the provider who injected you in 1 to 2 weeks to make sure all the swelling has gone down and this is the actual end result. 

Good luck.


Dr. Grant Stevens       

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Restylane Lip Augmentation

While you might be able to mold the Restylane a little bit, you may have to either have it dissolved or wait until it wears off.  I like to show my patients the progression of their lip augmentation DURING the process so that they can see and tell me what they want so that there are no surprises after the treatment.

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Lips look like worms 4 days after lip augmentation with Restylane

IMHO, best to just let the Restylane dissolve on its own and next time seek out a plastic and cosmetic surgeon with great aesthetic judgement.  there's no magic in the filler but rather in the artistic (aesthetic eye) of the injector such that the fillers are placed in the right place in the proper amount to create attractive lips, cheeks, chin or jaw line. 

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Changing Lips after Restylane Injection

You are early after injections and may just have swelling which should resolve.  However, if too much filler was injected, you can have your surgeon injected Vitrase which is an enzyme to help melt away the HA product.  This works for products such as Juvederm and Restylane and other products in the HA family.  This is why HA products are an ideal choice for people having their first injections since it can be "erased" if the person does not like the effect.


Good Luck.

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The Results of Restylane Lip Injections are Dependent on the Injector

Restylane or Juvederm, when properly injected into lips, can be used to replace lost volume, define the vermilion borders and create a more youthful curl, elevate and lift the corners of the mouth, and correct vertical wrinkle lines. They can restore the natural contour of the upper and lower lip and enhance the Cupid’s bow area. Lifting the corners of the mouth gives a hint of a smile and reduces the “sad or angry look” when they are down turned. The effectiveness of your treatment depends on your physician’s ability to visualize the desired changes and to select and skillfully administer the best treatments so your results depend entirely upon the skill and experience of your physician injector. Wait at least another week for the swelling to go down, then consider hyaluronidase if you are still not happy. Then find an experienced injector. 

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
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Lip injections 4 days out

Vvery commonly after lip injections, there is a lot of swelling. This susually improves withint a week or so.  Give it time. If you are still unhappy, it can always be dissolved.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Any one can fill a lip.

Filling a lip artfully is another matter.  Artful lips are, well, artful.  As I tell my patients, there are two types of lip styles out there: Executive lips and adult entertainment lips.  Very few what their lips to look like they are in the adult entertainment business.  The short answer is yes the Restylane can be shaped.  However, sometimes it is necessary to clear the deck and use the enzyme to remove the treatment and start over.  You will need to find a cosmetic surgeon who is excellent at working with the enzyme who can shape the lip.  This is easer than it sounds.  I would also let your treatment settle for another week before having any volume adjusted.  At 4 days, you may still have treatment swelling.  However, at the end of this time frame, if the volume is still not to you're liking, please find someone to adjust the treatment.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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