How Many Units of Botox Does it Take to Treat Cervical Dystonia?

How many units of Botox does it take to treat cervical s Dystonia? I'm 5'3", and was given sixty units my first treatment, but the results only lasted five days. How much should I receive for my second treatment?

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Botox for Cervical Dystonia

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Neurologists treat muscular dystrophies and spasms with botox to relax the muscle. Wry neck (torticollis) is a condition in which the neck muscles, usually on one side, spasm in painful contraction pulling the neck to one side and making it very difficult to turn the head to the other side. The amount of units in one patient may vary significantly from the next patient depending on the mass of the muscle in contraction.

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Amount of Botox Necessary to Treat Cervical Dystonia

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Unfortunately there is no right answer to this question.  Every patient responds differently.  Some don't respond at all.  The amount of units depends on how bad your muscle spasms are and your muscle mass.  I've used as little as 10 and as much as 50 in one area in a single visit.

Sheri G. Feldman, MD
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