Is It Dangerous if the Fat Necrosis on Butt is Not Removed After Several Years?

it s been a year now that I had fat transfered to my butt and It seems like I have fat necrosis (the fat inside is very hard).A doctor tried to break it to be aspirated but he failed.He aspirated only the surronding fat which was infected (kind of abscess because the area was inflamed).This caused cellulitis.I t started with strong fevers then my hips were inflamed and became so painful that I just screamed when anyone touched those hips.The doctor said he spread the bacteria with the cannula.

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Brazilian butt lift and fat necrosis

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Fat necrosis is not common after a well-performed Brazilian butt lift. The management is dictated by your symptoms and the size of the indurated area.  Fat necrosis can present as an area of hardening and pain. If there is pain in the area of indurations, then, direct excision or ultrasonic liposuction will be necessary to remove the affected area. Certainly, the fat can get infected and can be managed with surgical drainage and antibiotics.  An abscess is not aspirated but surgically drained.  This will prevent significant bacteria (bacteria in your blood) from causing you to get very sick.

Now, if the area of induration is not causing any problem, then, no treatment will be necessary and you will  be closely followed.

Fat necrosis in Buttocks

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Hi there-

It sounds like you have experienced consecutive complications, both of which should be VERY rare in the hands of experienced Brazilian Butt Lift surgeons.

I would recommend you find someone with a lot of experience in the procedure to help you manage the problem, understanding that it may be difficult to find a surgeon willing to take on another's complications.

Brazilian Buttock lift

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Poor medical care.

Find reputable plastic surgeon or may have to go abroad to be properly treated

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian butt lift and fat necrosis

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Fat necrosis by itself should not be a long-term problem it should just cause scarring and possibly a firm area. Your previous problem with infection this may be the real problem. There are atypical infections like fungal infections and Mycobacterium infections that may persist for months or even years. And this is something that you must rule out.

If you have persistent redness  or low-grade fevers with pain in the area then you must consider one of these infections. If that's the case you should consider an infectious disease specialist. If you're having no pain no redness and no fever then you may just have scar tissue from the previous problems. If this is the case then the scar tissue should not give your problem in the future. Be diligent and watch these areas if you have any suspicion that there's still a problem get checked. 

Wendell Perry, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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