What Can Be Causing Torso/waist Swelling After MiraDry Procedure? (photo)

This is my 2nd treatment with the miraDry procedure and, just like the 1st time around, my torso/waist experienced swelling 3 days afterwards. My torso feels like it's carrying extra fluid and it would jiggle whenever I walk. Any idea what can be causing this and what treatments can be performed to speed up torso swelling recovery?

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Swelling with Miradry

Swelling with Miradry
This is most likely due to the fluid injected for pain relief and should resolve over a few days

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Miradry for underarm sweating

I have coauthored a book on Miradry and continue to see very positive results with the procedure. I would suggest taking SwellX immediately after the procedure to help with swelling. 

Dr. Karamanoukian 
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Liquid that was injected

The tumescent solution goes down with gravity. This swelling always resolves and doesn't happen to everyone. 

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Body or torso swelling after miradry for hyperhidrosis

this condition can occur but is less frequently part of the healing process after mirAdry for hyperhidrosis.  The only comparison I can make is similar to some of the procedures that I do on the face or other areas of the body.  Swelling and fluid collection occurring at an anatomical area tends to follow gravity.  So the inflammation and swelling that occurs in your axillary area will tend to follow gravity and go down and collected and your abdominal or torso area.  The lymphatic drainage from the armpits follows this pathway.  A corset or snug form fitting shirt should be helpful.  Only if this persisted should you be concerned however he must always check with your physician.  Keep in mind the advice that we give online is meant to help you but does not carry the same weight or quality that a physical exam on follow-up with.

Best of luck

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Oedema or excess fluid from swelling- don't worry.

This is a very very common condition following miraDry. Gravity dictates that swelling from the armpits moves south, ie. downwards, and hence excess fluid from the treatment build up around the torso region. This, as you know, settles within 10 days. 

To answer your specific question about what treatments can be performed to speed up recovery -

1. Corset - this will contain the swelling to the upper areas ie. Armpits and chest
2. Lymphatic massage- this is probably the best solution
3. Time, it all settles within a week or so. 

Nothing to worry about. 


Dr Davin Lim 
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MiraDry and compensatory sweating

To date, I have only heard of one patient who developed compensatory sweating after the miraDry procedure and this would be the second case that I am aware of. EVERY and I mean emphatically EVERY procedure or treatment for hyperhidrosis can cause compensatory sweating. Hopefully, it will lessen over time. Compensatory sweating is most well described after sympathectomy but has been observed with topical agents, oral anticholinergic therapy, Botox injection, miraDry and sympathectomy.

Swelling can occur after miraDry and is usually lymphatic swelling and resolves spontaneously over a variable period of several weeks. Bioflavonoids and bromelain will help resolve the inflammation sooner and I highly recommend them to my patients. 

Read my ebook about miraDry on the link below. It is a FREE access book and can be found on the ebooks section of my website. 

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