What causes the breast to shrivel up and can anything be done?

my daughter is the mother of 3, she breast feed as I did but for some strange reason her breast now have no shape or substance they are like two wrinkled sacks and she's only 31 yrs old

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Having children changes the glandular/fat composition of breasts and also alters the soft tissue envelope and skin quality.

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Pregnancy can be devastating to breasts

due to the changes during pregnancy and then the atrophy that follows. Fortunately for women, this can be restored with implants and breast lifts. It is an option that certainly can be considered.

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Breast shape

Everyone's breasts responds differently to pregnancy and changes associated after birth. It is difficult to predict.

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What causes the breast to shrivel up and can anything be done?

This is a common change to the breast architecture after pregnancy. It is most often seen in slender people who did not have a lot of breast tissue to begin with and who have genetically poor skin elasticity. Breat implants or fat grafting and possibly a lift would be of help.

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What causes the breast to shrivel up and can anything be done?

Often the involutional aspect after breast feeding and multiple pregnancies responds well to breast augmentation. This is a generalization, and an exam would be necessary to give any specific recommendations.

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Sagging Breasts after Breast Feeding

Thank you for your question. A personal exam and consultation is always best.

That said the problem your daughter is experiencing is very common after breast feeding.

The breast gland can be compared to a balloon. During pregnancy it is filled with milk and expands. After pregnancy it becomes smaller and shrinks. However, the skin has been stretched and does not tighten as much. The result is that the breast shrinks and sags. It is like letting the air out of a balloon.

Please read the link below explaining the physical changes the breasts undergo after breast feeding and the options available.

Be sure to consult a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, experienced in your procedure, and who has an excellent reputation in your community.

Breast Augment

Great question, I talk to women all the time about this. Genetics, breast feeding and skin quality all determine breast shape. Take two women the same size and shape and each have the same amount of children and both will have different changes in their breasts

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