Could This Be a Case of Shingles Post Breast Reduction? (photo)

My wound is still continuing to worsen. It has slowed down but still getting larger. I visited my ps yesterday and he still has no idea what is wrong with me. He said it could possible be shingles since I had chicken pox as a child. He has stopped the bactroban use and started me on acedic acid use twice a day and prescribed Valtrex for shingles. Is this even possible? I thought shingles were blisters. I don't have blisters, I just have absolutely NO SKIN at all. Thoughts??

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Could This Be a Case of Shingles Post Breast Reduction?

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This is NOT shingles! It is a wound dehiscence from the vertical incision being closed under tension. Thus you have the wound split open and skin necrosis. Best treatment is local aggressive wound care, PRP therapy, IPL-red light laser. In time this will heal by secondary contraction and re epithialization. As the scar matures over 6 months than you could consider a scar revision. Are you sure your chosen surgeon is a boarded PS??? PM any of us expert posters the surgeon's name so we can help you. 

Skin necrosis, not shingles

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Sorry about your wound problems. You do not have shingles. From your photo, it appears that you are having issues with skin necrosis. The skin is not there because it "died" due to lack of blood flow. Valtrex will not heal your wounds... Thank you for sharing your photo and concerns. Best wishes.

Gregory Park, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Wound healing problems after a breast reduction

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This is certainly not a case of shingles.  It is a problem with compromise of the blood supply to the skin flaps.  There are several causes for this problem.  It is more frequent in patients who are smokers.  At this point all that can be done is conservative wound management.   Once the area has healed the scar can be revised.  Stay in close contact with your plastic surgeon.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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