Is pinpoint bleeding a sign of a good treatment in tattoo removal?

I recently trialled the new PicoWay laser and used a 4mm spot size on one part of the tattoo. There was pinpoint bleeding and I was left with lots of little scabs which have now fallen off. The skin is currently pink and healing, but it looks like some parts have faded quite well underneath. I wondered what pinpoint bleeding means in tattoo removal and if this indicates a successful treatment? Should I ask for the same settings over the whole tattoo next time?

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Pinpoint bleeding and laser tattoo removal

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Laser tattoo removal has many advantages. Pinpoint bleeding is a sign that the penetration of the laser has reached the depths of the epidermis and dermis. Although not always present, it represents a successful treatment. 

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PicoWay laser tattoo removal - Buffalo Niagara Tattoo Laser Specialist

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These are new laser types using picosecond technology and it is not entirely clear if that is the norm or an aggressive result from aggressive settings. As long as things are healing without scarring and the tattoo ink is clearing, I would say go for additional treatments. 

PicoWay is picosecond laser that is good for red inks.

EnLighten is a dual wavelength laser, 1064 nm and 532 nm that uses dual pulse durations, namely 750 picoseconds and 2 nanoseconds to achieve its goals. 

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