In Early Stages of Capsular Contracture, Are there Prevention Methods? (photo)

I had my first surgery in 2008, my first CC was removed in 2009 (left breast, 330cl Sil.) and only a few months later I started to sense a capsule. I ignored it until two weeks ago I had a corrective surgery. Both implants were replaced and new high-profile implants entered with a rough surface to avoid future contraction. From the swelling, light pain and general feel as I had this problem before, I am 99% certain I am in the early stages of having CC AGAIN. Could massage/medicine help??

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Capsule contracture remains a little of a black box


Sorry to hear about your healing process.  There is still some debate and a few unknowns regarding capsule contracture.  I tend to address capsule contracture by "throwing the kicthen sink" at it: removing all of the capusle, replacing the implant, placing a drain (often), and instituting massage.  At this stage medication as indicated by the other plastic surgeons below and massage may help.

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Combating capsular contracture with massage and pressure

Some doctors that I respect very much use singulair and other medications as off label treatments for capsular contracture and have excellent long term results.  I personally have not incorporated this into my practice but if you have access to a physician applying these treatments it might be worth talking to them. Ultrasound therapies combined with antibiotic treatment have been used with reported success although I do not have direct experience with these modalities.   Massage will always help and if used properly is the most powerful treatment.  When I am concerned I tell my patients to get a large firm body pillow and lay on their belly and watch TV with their breasts on the pillow taking all of their weight.  this pressure along with stretching and massage can really tame down tightness in most patients.  I hope this helps!

Capsular contracture after breast augmentation

some doctors and studies advocat Accolate   .  this is off label use for an asthma medication. 

massage, and sometimes antibiotics (biaxin) can improve early changes if your surgeon believes in biofilm and colonization of the implant.

its a very frustrating problem

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In Early Stages of Capsular Contracture, Are there Prevention Methods? (photo)

Yes try massage, ultrasound therapy, oral singular. But based upon your photos the left looks smaller and of differing volume and shape. It could be a CC but need in person examination. 

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