Could I Have Capsular Contracture 2.5 Years After the Surgery?

I had my surgery 2 yrs and 6 months ago. Silicon Implants Sub muscular. The results were perfect. very soft, very natural. In one DAY everything changed for my right breast. I suddently felt sore, hard and contracted? could CC happen that fast and that late? Are there any other explanations for these symptoms?

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Could I Have Capsular Contracture 2.5 Years After the Surgery

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Biofilms have been implicated in caspular contracture and associated with bacteremia from proceduers such as tattoo but that is only one predominant theory. it certainly sounds as if you may have a capuslar contracture 

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Capsular contracture

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The development of a capsular contractrure can happen years after implant placement.   The exact cause of a cc is unclear.

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Capsular Contracture

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Dear Lynn,

The reason for capsular contracture still remains unclear.  You certainly can have a capsular contracture at this stage.  If it is firm and produces asymmetry and/or pain then revision surgery is needed.  Visit with the plastic surgeon that originally placed the implants for a complete exam and recommendations.

Good Luck.

Dr. ES

Capsular contracture is possible years after surgery

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The rapid change in your implant consistency is cause for concern. Perhaps you've ruptured the implant and are now developing capsular contracture. The other possibility is that you have very slowly developed CC around one implant, but have only just recognized it as 'abnormal'. You should return to your plastic surgeon for an examination. He or she will probably order an ultrasound or MRI of your breast to investigate the status of the implant. Revisionary surgery will be discussed. There are a couple of medications that can help with early capsular contracture, such as Singulair (a asthma medication). Discuss this with your surgeon, as there are risks involved with taking this medication.

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