Can you wear a "waist trainer" after flank lipo? (photo)

I am curious if wearing a girdle/waist trainer after flank lipo would be helpful or harmful. My surgeon is providing a compression wrap type garment but I was wondering when I could (if at all) wear my shaper garment similar to the photo below. It has a hook closure, latex lined on the inside and some "boning". I was wondering if the boning was likely to cause lumps or dents while healing? Thank you in advance.

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Liposuction After Care Garment

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I have no experience with your particular garment - I would bring it in to your plastic surgeon's office to see how it fits and to make sure there are no pressure points. My personal opinion is that the first garment should be fitted for you in the office prior to surgery and applied in the operating room. The problem is that only an estimate as to the right size is possible prior to surgery and it could either be to loose or too tight. If too tight to the point of pain or not being able to breathe, contact your plastic surgeon's office immediately. On the other hand, with time often it will become loose as the edema is mobilized and then it will need to be replaced. Spanx is a reasonable compression garment if it gives enough support and is the right size. I have my patents bring them in and confirm that it fits well.
Most important advice is to listen to your surgeon's advice as he best knows how much fat was removed, the elasticity that remains in your skin and amount of skin redundancy.
I recommend my patients wear their garments for a minimum of 3 weeks full time then for 12 hrs (day or night). if not a lot of redundant skin following liposuction to a maximum of 6 weeks. To be effective the garment needs to fit snug but not too tight as to cause pressure problems (inspect your skin if discomfort and when skin is exposed), or prevent you from sleeping. As the edema resolves it is common for patients to switch to a smaller garment that fits - A Spanx type garment would work rather than ordering one or paying more at your doctor;'s office.
Liposuction requires compression garments for three main reasons:
it restricts the amount of edema that forms and hastens its resolution by mechanical pressure
It decreases the amount of bruising
It assists the loose skin in retracting or shrinking



Waist trainer after liposuction

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Thank you for asking about your liposuction.

Show your surgeon the garment and ask if you can use this.
The stiff support is likely to be painful - but s/he might be willing to let you try it.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Hope you found this answer helpful. Best wishes.

Waist trainer after flank lipo?

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Although I am not personally familiar with the particular product that you are referencing, in general, a compression garment is really helpful after undergoing truncal liposuction. I suspect that this garment will be of help. I wish you the best of luck.

Compression After Liposuction

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Yes, wait trainers do very well after liposuction.  I suggest you speak to your physician about his/her protocol after surgery.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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No particular benefit of one compressive garment over another after liposuction.

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I personally would not have a problem with you wearing the garment you show in the photograph. Remember that there probably will be some drainage for a day or so they could stain it. In the end this is the decision of your plastic surgeon however.

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