Right breast twitching 15 years later. Any suggestions?

Saline implants that were placed behind the muscle, 15 years ago. Never had any issues until last year when I began weight lifting and suddenly after a while of heavy lifting my right breast started twitching. It lasted a month on and off before subsiding. very annoying. Fast forward 7 months later I was pregnant and the twitching happenned again. Same breast same place. Surgeon can't find he issue. Ultrasounds clear. Twitching still happens with certain movements such as swimming. Help!

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Right breast twitching 15 years later. Any suggestions?

Your twitching is most likely from nerve stimulation of your pectorals muscle. This is similar to having a nervous 'tic' that people get occasionally in their eyelid or facial muscles. It can be annoying, but is totally benign. If it persists, massaging the area will sometimes help. Also, some oral medications and/or injections of Botox, Disport, or Xeomin can temporarily weaken the muscle.

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Weight lifting and breast implants

Sorry to hear this story. It is not uncommon. This is why many do not have implants under the muscle. You can have a more normal active life if you move the implants on top of the muscle and select an implant which will be natural in appearance.

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Nerve Impingement vs Animation Deformity?

Hi and thank you for your question.  What you're describing sounds like either a late developing animation deformity with your submuscular implants, or pectoralis major muscle twitching/firing.  If your muscle/breast "twitches" at random times, without you moving your arms or trying to contract your chest muscles, while you're at rest, then it's probably a nerve issue.  This can happen with pitched nerves in your neck; they can cause random muscle twitches for no reason at all, and its usually only on one side.  If however, you're seeing the implant move under the pectoralis/chest muscle when you are contracting the muscle (ie during exercise), then you may be developing an animation deformity on that side, with or without capsular contracture.  Your Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon should be able to help you with this process.  Good luck!

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Right breast twitching 15 years later. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear of your implant twitching issues.  Twitching is most likely the result of your pectoralis chest muscle going into spasms.  I would talk to your general medicine doctor to ensure that some of the key salts and sugars in your body are in balance to first ensure that it is not a nutrition related issue.  Best wishes

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