Can Smart Lipo Cause Permanent Nerve Damage?

I had Smart Lipo done on my outer thighs, flanks, and upper and lower abdomen. I have pain in one leg, close to my hip bone. It aches and hurts to touch. Can I assume that some permanent nerve damage was occurred?

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Smartlipo and nerve damage

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Since your question did not discuss time frame from your procedure, I will answer both early and later sensory issues. Most patients early on have decrease in sensation from swelling and trauma. Usually this gets better with time. Some of the ultrasonic and laser lipo devices are non-specific fat melters and therefore can impact nerves that are normally covered with a fatty layer. Some patients, albeit very few, will get burning sensations form nerve trauma that does not get better with time. They may have to get re-education with a pain specialist to break the pain/burning cycle.

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Nerve damage is uncommon

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BeagleLover, Never damage after Smartlipo, or any liposuction procedure, for that matter is very uncommon. How long has it been since your surgery. It may be that you are just having some localized irritation causing your discomfort. In any case, it is important that you follow up closely with your surgeon to make sure there is nothing more serious going on. Good luck with your recovery. David Shafer, MD New York City

We need to know how long ago your surgery was

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Pain, burning, tingling, and other nerve-related sensations can occur with Smartlipo as well as other types of liposuction. In general, these are temporary symptoms and they disappear gradually without long-term problems.

Pain at one week is different than pain at one year, so it would be helpful to know how long it has been since your surgery. Bone has a lining (periosteum) and it may be irritated causing pain. However, long-term pain is not normal. Our Santa Rosa Smartlipo patients have reported most, if not all pain, to be completely gone within 6 weeks after surgery. There is a bell curve and some pain may linger for longer.

Have a frank discussion with your doctor and tell him/her your concerns and ask for possible solutions and likely scenarios as you continue to heal. Good luck with your recovery.

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