Can Radiesse Cause Lumps Inside Cheeks?

Almost 4 weeks ago, I had smile lines injected with Radiesse and was very pleased with the visual results. However, I now have some very large knots on the inside of my cheeks. I feel it has something to do with the injections, since they certainly were not there prior to the injections

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Radiesse can cause bumps due to Collagen formation

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Hello In California,

I agree that you should see your Physician to evaluate the bumps your are noticing.

Since it has been 4 weeks since your injection and you are noticing the bumps on both sides of your cheeks, you may be experiencing the effects of Radiesse itself. Radiesse works by encouraging your body to make new collagen at the sites where it has been injected. This is how it "fills" furrows and wrinkles. If injected deeply it can be noticed by patients on the inside of the mouth. This in and of itself is not dangerous but may be a bit of a nuisance.

If very problematic for you, your Physician can examine you and make a decision as to what is occurring and what can be done to help you.

New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

It's probably only Radiesse and don't worry as long as it looks good visually

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Since it has been 4 weeks already, then any bleeding from the injections has resolved so it probably is not a hematoma or blood clot. Most likely it is only the Radiesse. If you had deep creases then the physician probably had to use a lot of material to fill in the lines. You will get use to the feeling and don't let it bother you. As time goes by you will forget all about the feeling the bumps. Let's hope the visual effect lasts a year or longer . That's what you are doing it for anyway!

The bumps can be broken up by your physician but I wouldn't do it since the nice visual effect will go down sooner if you have the lumps broken up. Before long you will forget all about them.

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Any filler can create bumps and lumps

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Radiesse is a terrific filler for temporary diminishment of facial line and wrinkles. All fillers should look smooth once swelling from the injection decrease. Many fillers may not feel completely smooth especially during the initial healing period. Some of these "knots" may be the filler or could be caused by bleeding (hematoma) or a reaction to the filler. Return to your cosmetic surgeon who performed your injection and he/she should be able to help you diminish this knot.

Mark Berkowitz, MD
Sterling Heights Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Lumps and Radiesse

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Radiesse is one of the safest fillers that can be used for cheek enhancement. That said, there are still after effects that maybe experienced and these include swelling and bruising. At times, there are also lumps and bumps. However, swelling and bruising usually subside on their own in about a couple of weeks, the longest. Lumps and bumps could take up to 3 months to disappear since this is the amount of time needed for the carrier gel component of Radiesse to be completely absorbed by the body.


In your case, you mentioned that you observed a lump 4 weeks after your injection. It would be necessary for you to go and see your doctor. This is for your doctor to evaluate the lump that you have observed. Personally speaking, I believe that this is the Radiesse taking effect. Lumps appear inside the mouth if Radiesse is injected deeply. However, since I haven't done a thorough check up on you in person, this is still just a personal opinion. If the issue becomes too problematic for you, consult your physician so he or she could determine the best solution for you.

Robert W. Sheffield, MD
Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon
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Radiesse Lumps

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With filler injected into your cheeks, you may feel some palpable lumps due to the product being present. As long as the lumps are not visible, then it usually shouldn't be a problem and it will dissipate over time as the product breaks down. If it is something that is causing you concern, you should follow up with your injector to be evaluated.

Can radiesse cause bumps

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Almost are the fillers can be felt through the skin but as long as it looks smooth on the outside, the filler is doing its job.  Radiesse is made to stimulate your collagen and when that happens some volume will remain as the filler absorbs.  In a way the more you can feel the more likely you will have longer lasting results.

Katrinka L. Heher, MD
Boston Oculoplastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 8 reviews

Radiesse can cause lumps you can feel inside your mouth

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You are right in that those lumps are likely due to the Radiesse that was injected. It is not uncommon to feel these lumps when the smile lines are injected because Radiesse is injected in the deeper layer of the skin around your mouth and so can be felt on the inside of the mouth. The lumps will decrease with time. If you are noticing any visible lumps around your smile lines I would return to see the physician who treated you.

Kristina Tansavatdi, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 44 reviews

Radiesse Lumps

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This is most likely the Radiesse itself and the collagen it is helping to form.  On occasion patients are able to feel the filler from the inside of their mouth, but the visual from the outside should be smooth.  I would address these concerns with your physician so that these knots can be evaluated.

Jeffrey W. Hall, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Can Radiesse Cause Lumps Inside Cheeks

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Radiesse can indeed cause bumpy areas under the skin unless it is placed very deep.  You may be experiencing the Radiesse or if has been there a while it may be the Radiesse effect where collagen is being laid down.  If it looks good on the outside then I would ignore it.

Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 116 reviews

Can radiesse cause lumps inside the cheeks?

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 Radiesse is a thick soft tissue filler and when injected into the nasolabial folds could create lumps that you would be able to see and feel within the nasolabial fold tissues as well on the inside of the mouth.  This can be reduced, at the time of Radiesse injection, with massage of the injected area that spreads the Radiesse out more evenly.  The lumps should cause no issues and next time perhaps you can request they massage the area after the Radiesse is injected to minimize this effect.  Hiope this helps.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.7 out of 5 stars 28 reviews

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