Can I Get Latisse Online?

I live in London, would I be able to have a consult via e-mail and then i could maybe send and make payment over the internet? I have really lost my self confidence as most of my eye lashes were ripped out and havn't really grown back.

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Latisse Online?

While you may be able to find Latisse online, the reason it is only prescribed by physicians (after an in person exam) in the US is that there are some important potential side effects. These side effects may occur with improper usage or with a history of abnormal intraocular eye pressure, so it is advisable to meet with a physician before using Latisse.

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In the US, Latisse is a prescription product.

Because Latisse is relatively new to be used as an eyelash growth enhancer, I think it would be advisable to see a doctor in person and have regular follow-ups. The rules in England may be different than in the US, but I tend to take a safety approach and avoid internet dealings. In the US, Latisse is a prescription product, and doctors can only sell in the state in which the doctor has a license. For me, with my medical license from California that would mean that I can dispense/sell in California, only.

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The Safety of Buying Latisse On Line

Latisse can safely be purchased on line when it is from a reputable physician’s office such as We are able to make certain that Latisse is safe for you to use and we are available at all times to answer your questions or concerns. We treat you as one of our patients by reviewing your medical history to be sure that Latisse is safe for you to use. We are available by telephone for any questions or concerns that you may have 24 hours/day, 7 days/week as we are with all of our patients.
In a recent review article published in September, 2010 by Joel Cohen, MD entitled “Enhancing the Growth of Natural Eyelashes: The Mechanism of Bimatoprost (Latisse)-Induced Eyelash Growth”, Dr Cohen shows how Latisse “is a safe and effective means of enhancing eyelash growth”. In his study, the only side effect reported more often in subjects receiving Latisse than those receiving the “vehicle” alone was redness in the whites of the eyes and even this “resolved before the end of the study despite continued application of the product”. He also states in his article “the effects of bimatoprost (Latisse) for eyelash growth on IOP (intraocular pressure) were not thought to be clinically relevant.” There were also no reports of darkening of pigmentation in the iris. Dr Cohen also points out that the safety of bimatoprost “has been well established in clinical trials up to 4 years in length, as well as extended clinical experience totaling an estimated 9 million patient-years of exposure”.
If you are experiencing any changes in your vision or any new eye problems or symptoms while using Latisse, we would advise you to discontinue the Latisse and see your ophthalmologist immediately – exactly what any other physician’s office would do regardless of where you purchased it.

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Latisse and no eyelashes

Latisse helps the lashes you have grow. If your lashes are gone they may not be there to be stimulated. You may need an eyelash transplant. Also Latisse can affect the eye itself. A proper history needs to be done. It would difficult to find a physician in the U.S who would examine you and dispense a medication "over the phone". 

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Latisse is available by prescription

Latisse is a prescription product containing bimatoprost.  It is regulated by the FDA as a prescription product and is available only with a physician's prescription. The labelling restricts the sale of Latisse only to patients with a prescription.

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