Travoprost As Alternative to Latisse?

I read that you said to try Travopost instead of Lumigan or Latisse. Do you apply it the same way? What percent of people have color change? My eyes are blue/green.

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You Should Use Latisse If You Want Longer Lashes

I am assuming that you are considering using the other medications for lengthening your lashes? Remember that Latisse is the only FDA approved drug for this, and obtaining other products not intended for this use may cause problems.

Safe lash lengthening should be done under a doctors supervision, that's why it is a perscription.

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Travoprost alternative to Latisse?

Even FDA approved Latisse has possible side effects other than permanent change in iris color. Eye muscle atrophy and loss of fats around eyes have been reported in published medical literature. Just because a drug is approved does not mean it is totally safe.

Susan F. Lin, MD
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Latisse works the best for eyelashes

Travoprost (Travatan) and Latanoprost (Xalatan) are close relatives to Bimatoprost (Latisse.) While they all will stimulate eyelash growth, Latisse has the greatest effect on the lashes. In addition, only Latisse is FDA approved to treat eyelashes.

My suggestion is that you ask your cosmetic doctor or your eye doctor If Latisse is right for you.

Hope this is helpful.

Nancy Swartz, MS, MD, FACS
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Alternatives to Latisse

There is no reason to try a lesser therapy when Latisse is known to work and is FDA approved.  Safety with your eyes is of utmost importance. 

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