Toothpaste to Reduce Sensitivity Before Teeth Whitening

I am extremely nervous now about the Zoom procedure. I never even considered pain involved until I read all these reviews. If there is a toothpaste that will help with the sensitivity prior to getting in the dentist chair, then I would like to purchase it. Thank you for your help!

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MI Paste is fantastic

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MI Paste is a product that is dispensed in a dental office, but it is very effective. Products such as Gel-Kam or prevident used to be by prescription only but are now OTC are highly fluoridated and can help as well.

Sometimes placing highly fluoridated gel in the whitening trays for 30 minutes prior to using the bleaching gel can make the teeth much more comfortable.

Yes, you can

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The active ingredient you're looking for is called Potassium nitrate (and fluoride). Potassium nitrate works by actually clogging the "pores" (technically called 'tubules') in your tooth, if you will. This can aid in the sensitivity reduction experienced in whitening. It takes about 2 weeks to fully 'clog' the pores in the tooth though.

Certain Toothpastes Decrease Sensitivity

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Prior to whitening purchase a toothpaste containing potassium nitrate and fluoride.  Examples of this are called Prevident 5000 and Gel-Kam.  Some of these products are now over the counter.  They work great to help close the "enamel pores" that when exposed can cause sensitivity.  Use this for 7-14 days prior to whitening your teeth.  In addition, some in office bleaching systems provide fluoride following treatment to help reduce sensitivity.  With the Zoom whitening procedure bleaching trays are made and the gel is placed inside and the patient will wear them for one hour following the procedure.  This helps significantly with post whitening sensitivity.

Yes, Fluoridex toothpaste can help with sensitivity

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Discus Dental is now recommending the use of Fluoridex Daily Defense toothpaste prior to ZOOM whitening.  We recommend that our patients use Fluoridex for 2 weeks prior to their ZOOM whitening appointment to help with sensitivity.  Fluoridex contains maximum-strength fluroide (5000 ppm) and potassium nitrate.  Both of these ingredients will help with the sensitivity.   

Kristen Berning, DDS
Dubuque Dentist

Reduce Sensitity with MI Paste Plus

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Yes. There is a product called MI Paste Plus, which you can buy at most dental offices. MI Paste Plus consists of Calcium Phosphate and Fluoride. Using this paste prior and after treatment helps control sensitivity and provides better results for the whitening.

Start using it at least a week before doing Zoom Whitening.

Good luck.

Maria M. Majda, DDS
San Francisco Dentist

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