How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

How much will it cost in the US to get dentist for teeth bleaching/whitening? Teeth are stained from lots of coffee and occasional cigarettes.

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Tooth bleaching cheaper than hairstylist costs over time!

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Tooth bleaching costs can range from $250 for at home kits from your dentist to $700-1000 for deep bleaching, in office treatments combined with at home bleaching.  While I know $1000 is a lot of money, I often ask my patients how much money they spend on their hair in just one year.  If you're a woman who colors and/or highlights her hair, add in cuts every 8-12 weeks and you can easily spend that much in just one year.  And you have to keep going back!  With tooth bleaching, it's almost always a one time investment with mainenance costing as little as $100/year.  That's $2/day-less than most of us spend on our Starbucks every morning.

Chicago Dentist

Cost of teeth whitening varies

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The cost of teeth whitening varies from doctor to doctor. The cost also varies depending on the type of whitening procedure.

Expect to pay $500-800 for high quality in-office whitening.

Ryan Sellinger, DMD
Manhattan Dentist

Teeth Whitening - Value and Costs

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Tooth bleaching costs can range from $399 for at home kits from your dentist to $599 for Zoom Whitening treatments here in New Haven CT.  Is this a lot?  Whitening can often last 2-5 years, especially with take home trays that you can touch up when you want how your want.  Most dentists sell individual tubes of whitening gel.  How much do we spend on our hair a year?  How much do we spend on personal training or full body massage to help us look and feel good?  And teeth whitening affects more than your smile...knowing one has a beautiful, bright smile touches us deeply in our soul giving more confidence and more happiness.  I have never seen a whitening process or dental cosmetic treatment that did not do this for people!

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Cost for teeth whitening - you usually pay for what you get!

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Price varies from office to office and region to region. Also, many offices offer much more service, such as trays with their Zoom, or multiple Zoom appointments. Therefore, when comparing costs, be sure to ask the right questions. Tray whitening ranges $200 -400 and Power Bleaching ranges $500 - $1000.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

Cost of laser whitening?

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Laser whitening system can cost $700+, it depends on the doctor or the system that he/she is using.

However, the laser whitening will give the best results so expect to pay this amount and more.

James Magee, DDS
Altamonte Springs Dentist

Teeth much does it cost?

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There are two types of professional teeth whitening that cosmetic dentists offer their patients.  One is "take home tray bleaching", where the dentist makes custom trays that deliver the bleaching gel onto the teeth for a period of 30 min to all night, depending on which type of bleaching gel the dentist feels will give you the best result.  The over night technique often used a carbamide peroxide bleaching material that was more dilute and was used while one sleeps, generally kept in the mouth for 4-7 hours.  Discus Dental's "nite white" is an example of this.

The shorter acting material is used in trays for 30-60 minutes.  Discus Dental's "day white" is an example of that material, and is generally hydrogen peroxide based, rather than carbamide peroxide based.

The second type is done in the dental office and is often called "deep bleaching" or "power bleaching".  Some even use a light to activate the bleaching gel more.  An example of this is the Discus/Phillips "Zoom" bleaching treatment.

Costs can vary depending on which material and technique the dentist uses.  Some offices offer tray bleaching free to new patients or others having a considerable amount of cosmetic dentistry (porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns or bonding).  Others may charge $100-$800, depending again, on which technique the dentist and patient choose to use.

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

The most cost effective...

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The most cost effective way to whiten your teeth is with custom trays made by your dentist, and a dentist dispensed whitening kit.  If this the first time you have whitened your teeth, this kit may cost between $300 and $500.  Once you have the trays made,  you have the tools to "touch up" your whitening for years to come.  You can buy a refill kit of bleaching gel from your dentist for probably under $100.

Kimberly Johnson Genc, DDS
Newport Beach Dentist

White teeth make you smile.

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We feel that for our patients to have white teeth is our best advertisement.   So our cost are about half of most offices. Tray bleaching alone is $150.00 and Laser with Trays $300.   If you are have cosmetic work done veneers, lumineers ect.   We require our patients to undergo bleaching prior to treatment and color matching begins.   Once you are committed to treatment, the cost for you bleaching is removed from your final bill.  This long term makes for a brighter whiter smile and we feel it is the least we can due to say thankyou for allowing us to help you.

Richard Sprague, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist

Look for specials

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- We are currently offering a reduction on bleaching products, take home trays are reduced to $280 Zoom reduced to $375, Zoom plus take home trays at no additional cost.
- Remember do not use abrasive toothpaste or brush hard as that will thin the enamel and reduce the effects of whitening.
- Have your teeth professionally cleaned often, like four times per year will keep the stain to minimum

Benjamin S. Fiss, DDS
Chicago Dentist

Cost for teeth bleaching or whitening varies

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The cost for bleaching or whitening that is done in the dental office
varies. For high quality teeth bleaching in my area (Orange County California), cost generally ranges from $450.00 to $750.00

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