Septum Still Deviated After Septoplasty?

Hi I had a septoplasty/rhinoplasty about 8 months ago. I recently visited my doctor with concerns of not being able to breathe at night. He looked and said that my septum is a little deviated (it was worse before apparently) but that nobody's septum can be perfect. I asked him to do a retouch and go back in and check it to straighten it out but said I didn't need to...can he refuse this?

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Revision septoplasty

Revision septoplasties do have more risks, in particular, septal perforations. Perhaps your surgeon feels that even with minor improvement in the deviation of your septum, you would not achieve a significant improvement in airflow through your nose without placing you at risk. A second opinion to evaluate the obstruction caused by your septum would be helpful in providing a definitive diagnosis. Thank you for sharing your concerns and question. Best wishes.

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Septum Still Deviated After Septoplasty?

 A Septoplasty can straighten but often removes a section of bent septal cartilage and bone that is protruding into and obstructing the nasal airway.  Since some of the septal cartilage must be left intact for anterior and superior support, some deflection may remain.  Further surgery may risk a septal perforation creating a worse clinical scenario.  

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