Spanked hard on butt cheek 21 weeks after BBL, causing a handprint/minor raised red marks. Will fat reabsorb?

A girl spanked my hard on my butt in the gym, I was wearing only a bathing suit with an exposed buttcheek. I am 21 week post op. There is a minor raised red mark that is slowly turning purple and the print of her hand is clearly visible. the area hurts when i touch it. There is some pain upon bending and the area is a little warmer to touch than surrounding areas. I only had 300 CC's injected each buttcheek so am worried about reabsorption. Conservatively, will it reabsorb some?

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Thanks for your question about fat reabsorbtion after the Brazilian Butt Lift. Without seeing you in person it's impossible to give a true diagnosis.  However, it sounds like you should be ok.  I am surprised however to hear that you're back at the gym only three weeks post op. This is a great question to ask your plastic surgeon directly. Best to you.  -Dr. Coan

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Fat reabsorbtion

Thank you for your question.  It seems that what you have experienced is not a question about fat but rather damage done to the skin and vessels.   I would not worry.

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