Are there any undesired effects of wearing push up bras over augmented breasts over a long term?

I have 250cc textured, high profile implants for five months. I am hesitant to wear push up bras because I am concerned that the 'pushing up' of the implants might cause my breasts to be deformed if I wore them for a long time, except when I'm sleeping. I tried wearing a push up bra for half a day and it made the lower area of my breasts, where the push up cushions were situated, to ache after that. I am concerned about a distortion in shape or position by wearing push up bras over time.

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Pick a bra that works for you.

At 5 months after breast augmentation, you should be able to wear a comfortable bra of your choosing without affecting your breast implants or incision sites. Typically, the only post-op restriction is on underwire bras. Many plastic surgeons recommend that women wait 4 to 8 weeks, or even up to 4 months, to wear underwires because they can irritate and put pressure on inframammary incisions. If the aching continues, you may want to try a different style of push up bra or make an appointment with your plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns.

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Push up bras should be avoided after breast augmenation

You should not wear bras which distort the shape of the breast in any way.  If you push your breasts inward constantly on a daily basis your breast pocket will change from the external pressure.  The most common scenario is that most women go straight to Victoria secret and get a pushup bra after getting new implants.  These bras compress the outer part of the breast and push the inner cleavage closer.  Over time the outer portion of the internal breast pocket shrinks while the internal portion of the breast capsule stretches.  The tissues become thin on the cleavage area and the cleavage becomes closer.  The nipples start to point towards the outside and the implants are no longer centered under the nipple.  These changes will be magnified when there has been a capsule formed.  This happens on a regular basis if the patient is not told to avoid pushup bras.   

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Push Up Bras

Push up or underwire bras will not distort your breast over time. However, if wearing them gives you discomfort, you are not ready to wear them yet.  Once they are comfortable, you can wear them.
Best of luck!

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