Is it possible to change the directions of eyebrow hair after a poor eyebrow transplant peocedure?

My previous eyebrow transplant didn't go well because the angles and directions are unnatural. Since I don't have enough suitable hair for my eyebrow. I wonder if it is possible to extract my eyebrow hair using fue and place them back to my eyebrow?

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Changing direction of eyebrow after poor transplant

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Its very difficult to remove the transplanted follicles especially in the eyebrows.  This will also leave scarring and possibly damage to surrounding follicles.  The best bet is to probably have laser hair removal to damage the follicles growing in the wrong direction and then have your eyebrows corrected by a qualified hair restoration surgeon that performs lots of eyebrow procedures.

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You cannot use FUE to take out "bad" eyebrow hairs.

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In general, eyebrow transplants are technically standard (straight forward) for a hair transplant surgeon but it is cosmetically challenging even for the best doctors. Even in the best circumstances, a natural looking eyebrow transplant is challenging when compared to a hair transplant surgery (to the scalp). The direction and the angle of hair growth may be an issue.

FUE of your exiting eyebrow hair will cause visible scarring.

You can however pluck the offending eyebrow hairs out or consider electrolysis.  Plucking out the hair is the easiest solution but it is not a permanent solution.

Laser hair removal, as simple as it may sound, is not recommended unless you want all your eyebrows removed.  Lasers cannot focus on individual hairs (at least not in 2015).

Jae Pak, MD
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Eyebrow extraction and re-insertion

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It is possible to remove brow hairs with FUE, but it is not a guaranteed or optimal solution.  In the first place there is no guarantee you can actually get the follicle out intact.  Secondly, it will leave visible scarring  - unfortunately no matter what you do.  And thirdly, there is no guarantee that if you get the old grafts out in a reasonable state that they will regrow if you re-transplant them.

You should probably see your physician or another surgeon to determine what might have happened before.  Your regrowth may be early and it may be possible to retrain the hairs to go in a better direction.  Brow waxes and gels can help with this.  If that is not possible you can remove some or all of the offending hairs with laser hair removal or electrolysis.  Tattooing and additional hair transplant with new grafts may also be options.

Good luck!

Sara Wasserbauer, MD
Walnut Creek Hair Restoration Surgeon
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