Collagen Injections for Hips and Butt Augmentation?

She's has friends that say they have been treated by a doctor with a series of collagen injections. I can't find anything about this procedure on the internet and am worried that she's really going to get silicone injections. Is collagen ever used as a hip and buttocks filler?

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Stay away from synthetic injections for butt augmentation!


Thank you for the question. Here in South Florida unfortunately we see this very often. As you have discovered, there are many people that will offer to inject a variety of materials into the butt to change the shape and increase the size of this area. Unfortunately the results after the injection of these materials can be very inconsistent and can be extremely dangerous. Here in Miami, we've seen patients were perceived the injection of industrial grade silicone, wax, and even bathroom and kitchen caulk. These patients went on to develop very severe and disfiguring scarring and infections. Once the synthetic materials injected here but there is no easy way to remove this. This results in these patients having a very significant problem but they will have to maintain for the rest of their lives. Please look through the real self website as you will find very specific stories from such patients.

There are excellent techniques available for butt augmentation. Discuss with your plastic surgeon whether you're a candidate for a Brazilian Butt lift or solid silicone gluteal implants.


Pat Pazmino

Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Collagen is usually too expensive to use for this purpose...

Hi there-

For a nice result with a buttock augmentation, we typically will require between 400cc and 1000cc of volume per side, expecting that some of the tissue will be resorbed over a few months after the procedure.

Using a substance like collagen (or any other approved filler) for this purpose would be very expensive, particularly because it would need to be repeated over and over again.

Furthermore, there are safety and satisfaction concerns, as these fillers have never been used for this purpose, and we are not able to say whether long term safety and satisfaction should be acceptable or not.

Liquid silicone is know worldwide to be very UNSAFE for injection, and there were recently a few women in Florida who experienced severe complications (kidney failure and death) from having this done for buttock augmentation.

The only acceptable means of augmenting the buttocks are with implants, or in the Brazilian Butt Lift technique, where liposuction is used to collect unwanted fat, and this fat is then placed into the buttocks.

Make sure you see a surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery- you'll be able to be confident that his/her recommendations are accepted as safe and effective.

Armando Soto, MD, FACS
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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Collagen versus Sculptra injections for hip and buttock augmentation

Thank you for your question.  I would recommend that you visit with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss options with you.  You can have collagen injections, but this tends to go away quickly in a matter of months.  Sculptra on the other hand is a foreign substance ultimately gets replaced with Collagen.  I would see out an experienced injector to help you discuss your options with you.  Good luck.

Young R. Cho, MD, PhD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Collagen-like injection probably an illicit substance

Dear RLee,

I SERIOUSLY doubt that the "friends that say they have been treated by a doctor with a series of collagen injections" - really know what they were really injected with. This is tragic.

Collagen is a cow derived dermal (skin) filler which was popular in the 1980's to late 1990's when new, better and longer lasting fillers began to appear and take its place. The injection of Collagen any deeper than the dermis (such as to fill lips aka "Paris Lips" has been outlawed by the FDA because of potential complications). It is CERTAINLY never used to fill buttocks by any ethical, professional Plastic surgeons.

EVEN IF your friends were injected with REAL Collagen (now owned by the Allergan corp), by someone who is either too stupid to know, too callous to care, it still would cost a fortune to augment buttocks, where commonly 500 t- over 1,000 cc of fat are needed for a full correction. Multiply 1,000 cc (small correctio)] by $300 - 400 PER 1 cc syringe and it becomes obvious that that could not have happened.

I would guess your friends were injected by a NON - Plastic surgeon (not a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, with an illicit substance, probably silicone, hydrogel or who knows what.

Not a pretty picture either way...

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Safe Injections for Buttock Augmentation

This is a very common question, as patients want to use something that is going to be simple but safe for their buttock augmentation.

First of all I would NOT have PMMA, silicone, collagen, biopolymer or any other substance injected into your buttock that is not fat. That is a set-up for life long problems. Some people have these injections and are fine, but the people that have problems have them for life.

Unfortunately here in Miami many patients try to save money by having their procedure performed by non-plastic surgeons and at facilities that have not been accredited and often have problems.

Currently the only safe injection for buttock augmentation is fat. This is called the Brazilian Butt Lift; it is so popular because it enables your plastic surgeon to transform your entire shape. Liposuction is performed over several areas depending on the individual patient needs, but typically of the flanks, abdomen, back and thighs. So this is going to change your entire shape.

I would advise you to see a board certified plastic surgeon that performs a lot of fat transfer procedures. I would NOT have the procedure done by anyone except a board certified plastic surgeon as illegal injections can cause life long problems.

Johnny Franco, MD, FACS
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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