Butt Sagging After 2nd Brazilian Butt Lift, Should I Do A Lift With Threading?

first butt lift was a success, then i decide to make a little more round, i gained some weight and did the lipo again, first month was perfect then started to sagg now after 2 brazilian butt lift with my own fat, im very unhappy, my butt is sagging and falling, i cant use bikini or thight clothes, my doctor is recomending me to lift with threading, now i dont know if i should do or lipo the extra fat, any help

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Brazilian butt lift reoperation

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A reoperation after a Brazilian butt lift is very low. I am surprise that you have two Brazilian butt augmentations. By the way, the recommendation that you are getting from your surgeon (if in fact he is) does not show that he is a plastic surgeon and I even doubt he might be Board Certified. A Brazilian butt lift is a onetime procedure and 80% of the fat stays after the surgery. Many factors can affect the outcome of the surgery including:

1. The location of the fat. Was the fat injected into the muscle or above the muscle.

2. The fat injected should not have any liquid from the tumescence solution. If the fat was not strained, then, this fluid is easily reabsorbed after a surgery and the butt will shrink.

In addition, you might be getting the wrong procedure. If your skin sagged after the surgery, it means that liposuction was performed in areas that should not have had liposuction and/or your skin sagged prior to your surgery, thus needing a direct excision of skin.

Threads for a buttock lift do not work. I recommend that you get another opinion from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Bazillion butt lift and sagging buttocks

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I did not have experience using a thread lift in the buttocks but I don't believe this could give you a long-term effect. I think the quality of the skin would determine what would we the best way to try to improve your problem. If the skin has good till then additional liposuction may be an option to improve the shape of your buttocks. If the skin is very loose then skin excision like a body lift may be the best option to improve the shape of the buttocks. The problem with the skin excision is a scar so the question becomes is improvement form worth the scar.

Wendell Perry, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Thread lifts

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Thread lifts do not work. You may be happy for a short period of time, then sags again.

It has not proven effective for a long time. and it will not be effective.

Aformal buttock lift with the scars high up the buttocks is the only effective way.The question you need to answer is the scar worth it?

My guess you have the injected fat migrate down giving a sagging look. Or the fat from the back of the thigh was excessively removed and that causes the buttocks to sag.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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