What Can I Do About Two Hard Lumps In Butt After Fat Transfer?

a year now sine I had fat transfered to my buttocks and I still have very hard. I feel fire burning inside in those lumps and feel really uncomfortable. the surgeon said he cannot aspirate those lumps and does not want to admit that he put too much fat in two spots.I am a woman but I got a shape of a man's buttocks...what can I do?

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Fat graft to buttock

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After one year of fat trasfer to the buttocks , it sounds you have fat necrosis (THE HARD LUMPS). Can be diagnosed with x-ray, or ct scan. If that is the case then need removal of the fat necrosis . may need to reinject fat after total healing if there is any asymmetry or indentation as a result of removing the fat necrosis.

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Massage usually will help

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I recommend daily or even twice daily massage to the hard areas of your buttocks.  With massage, the hard areas should soften up in time.  I would guess that they are caused by scar tissue forming in those areas after fat transfer.  For better and more lasting results for buttock enlargement, I would recommend buttock implants rather than fat transfer.

James Tang, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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