How Much Are Butt Implants in the Chicago Area?

i was thinking about getting butt implants i wanted to know how much it cost in the chicago area and is there a payment plan availiable

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Butt implant cost

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Butt implants vary in price depending on several factors. These include surgical facility fees, anesthetist fees, type of implant and city. In Toronto, Ontario, you can expect the cost to be from $9000 to $11,000. Financing is available through a third party.

Brazilian butt lift or butt augmentation prices

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Usually with any Brazilian butt lift procedure, or buttock augmentation the price varies depending on the patients body type and desired results.  Whether an implant or fat transfer would suite you best, liposuction would probably be needed to give your body the best contouring.  The price usually starts at $8,900.  In order to give you the most accurate price quote, we always recommend for you to set up your complimentary consultation.

Cost of buttock implants in Chicago.

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I charge $8800 for the procedure, implants,operating room and anesthesia.  I prefer the Brazilian Butt Lift, where your own fat is transferred to augment your buttocks.  But, if you don't have enough fat, then implants can be very effective.

Kenneth L. Stein, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

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