Can I Do Butt Exercises Post BBL to Build Muscle Prevent Sagging and Make Butt Bigger?

I had a bbl 7 weeks ago. Very happy with results and now I am thinking long term Can I do butt exercises now to increase the size of the muscle to prevent future sagging or will the butt exercises cause shrinkage to the fat cells that have been newly injected into the gut muscles. I noticed I had a little more reabsorption in on cheekthan the other. Can butt exercise help build volume to compensate for the reabsorption disparity?

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Exercising after Brazilian Butt Lift

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Many patients ask about exercising after a Brazilian Butt Lift. I advise my patients to wait 6 weeks after surgery before exercising. After that time, exercises to build buttock musculature should not diminish the results of your fat transfer (squats, stairs, and kettlebell swings are very helpful for this). If you do a lot of cardio and/or dieting and lose weight, the fat loss will come from all over your body, not just the buttock region.

I hope that helps and wish you the best!

No problem at all

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exercise can make your muscles get thicher and stronger and will help you to win volume and shape but be careful the type of exercise and intensity you do it because fat injected can disapear

Ramon Sabala, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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