Is a burning sensation on my skin after lipo normal? What will help it feel better?

Now I'm six weeks post op I must say I do look fabulous still bumps and little dents but I see the differance in my abdominal stomach and back rolls. My question is my skin feels like its burning is this normal? Cocoa butter helps but only temporary is there anything else I could use to help with this sensation.

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What causes a burning sensation after liposuction?

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It is often normal for patients to experience a burning sensation as the nerves regrow after liposuction.  This normal takes a number of weeks and occasionally months to improve.  Certainly keeping the skin hydrated helps to relieve the discomfort. I often will suggest that patients rub and massage the areas to desensitize the skin a bit (and this also helps work out those little lumps) and to wear spanx or a similar garment.  The garment supporting the skin can also sometimes help relieve the discomfort. This could be worn all of the time, just at night, or just when the burning sensation is worse.  Hope this helps and glad you had fabulous results! 

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Abnormal Skin Sensations after Liposuction

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Abnormal sensations, such as itching, burning and even electrical shocks, are common early on in the overlying skin after any liposuction procedure. This is the tiny nerves recovering their function and these feelings will go away over the next few months.

Burning pain after liposuction

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  • Liposuction can cause burning pain for quite a while.
  • The reason - damage to nerve going to the skin.
  • This will subside as the swelling goes away and nerves get back to their normal place.
  • It may take several more months. Best wishes.

Burning sensation after Liposuction

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It is normal to have some burning or pins and needles sensation after surgery. It is your nerves healing from the surgery. The good news is that it will go away after a month or two.

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