Is it possible to get a browbone reduction to have a more elegant/feminine profile? (photo)

I am a 29 year old female. I feel I have a very prominent browbone. I feel I am attractive head on but quite unattractive in side profile. Are there any plastic surgeons out there who could do anything about this? I imagine it would require shaving of the browbone to achieve noticable results. How intense would the surgery be and are optimal results achievable? I do not hear of many doctors offering this surgery.

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No surgery is indicated

I would avoid any surgery for your brow area.  This is not significant.  I disagree with the other doctor.  The surgery described would be indicated for craniofacial reconstruction in cases of congenital malformation or severe trauma.  Don't let anyone talk you into this surgery.  Your brow is not that prominent.

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Frontal Bossing

It is possible to shave some of the bone at the eyebrow. The access is an incision from ear to ear.
Lateral x-ray is needed to see how thick the bone and the frontal sinus
Samir Shureih MD.FACS

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