How many weeks following liposuction is it safe to do Venus Freeze?

About 3 weeks ago I underwent liposuction of my abdomen. I seem to be healing well. My doctor recommended venus freeze following my procedure in order to tighten the skin and assist in the recovery process. I'm certainly open to the idea. He recommended about 2-3 weeks after, but I just wanted to hear more opinions regarding the time frame. Thanks

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Venus Freeze Treatments after liposuction!

Venus Freeze is a non-surgical body contouring, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction treatment for the face, neck, and body! These painless treatments are suggested at 6-8 sessions at 1 time a week for long term results. Venus freeze uses Radiofrequency and magnetic pulses to treat the areas of interest- They have been used in medicine for years and have been proven safe and effective! Come relax and resume your everyday activities while you reach your goals for skin and body! Venus Freeze is very similar to a hot stone massage.

You can start venus freeze immediately after your liposuction procedure. The Venus freeze treatment will help move and discomfort any drainage and sooth those areas and help reduce bruising.

 I hope this helps you on your journey!:)

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Venus Freeze after liposuction

When patients have undergone liposuction I usually have them wait at least a month after. The site can be quite tender and sore and since the treatment creates a lot of heat, it can be painful for some people who opt to try it too soon. If it is painful, make sure to tell your technician to turn down the RF level and lower the heat. You can still get an effective treatment this way and you should not endure pain.

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