Does Ematrix really work?

I just finish a 6 months course of accutane really went well no more breakouts but I do have acne scars from past acne not deep scars but sort of red circle blemishes that have been on my cheeks forever my doctor recommended doing 3 treatments of Ematrix what do you guys think Does it work? Will I really see results with just 3 treatments? Any feedback would help!

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EMatrix for Acne Scars: Does It Work?

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Congratulations on the successful course of Accutane! If your breakouts are now under control, it would be an excellent time to start thinking about improving scarring. Keep in mind that the recommendation is to wait 6 months to receive any laser/resurfacing treatment post-Accutane, however it is great you are looking into your options now.

eMatrix is a non-laser resurfacing technology that improves skin tone and texture through the use of radiofrequency. It certainly does work, however the amount of improvement is dependent on the severity of your scars, and number of sessions performed. Without actually seeing your skin, it is difficult to predict whether 3 treatments will be sufficient, however a minimum of 3 sessions is certainly a good place to start.

Depending on the severity of the redness of your scars, you may want to look into a laser called the VBeam in addition to eMatrix. VBeam is a pulsed dye laser that specifically targets vascular issues within the skin. While eMatrix has the potential to improve superficial redness due to scarring, the VBeam will be much more aggressive and effective. Discuss with your physician if this is a suitable option for you. Best of luck!

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EMatrix- answer is in the video

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it can work for certain types of acne scars. IMO it works best for early scars, atrophic, and rolling scars. 
For late scars and severe scarring, lasers and insulated micro needling devices like INFINI work much better than eMatrix- even at the maximum 100 mj setting. 


Dr Davin Lim
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EMatrix for acne scars

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eMatrix works for certain types of acne scars, depending on their depth to width ratio.

Dr H Karamanoukian

EMatrix and Acne Scars

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The number of treatments for eMatrix depends on how deep your acne scars are.  eMatrix is fantastic for acne scars. Please consult a specialist for the best cosmetic results.  Best, Dr. Green

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