I was assaulted one year ago on my right eye and I am now noticing its sunken in. Is it too late to fix it?

It seems like one side of my face is droppy. I went to see a doctor and my vision is good but i don't think i look the same as before. Will my insurance cover this? And what are the chances of it being successful if i am able to get it fixed?

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Possible occult orbital fracture

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It is not too late to look into the options for treatment of a sunken eye. This is called enophthalmos, and may follow blunt injury to the eye and eyesocket. It may also occur with maxillary sinus changes after an injury. An Oculoplastic surgeon evaluates the function of the eye, measures the amount of enophthalmos, checks the ocular motility, sensory function in the area, and the motility of the eye. If you have substantial symptoms and findings, repairs, if indicated, might be covered by your insurance. Young and healthy individuals can expect improvement although not always 100% recovery to normal with late repairs of orbital floor fractures. Best wishes.

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Sunken In Eyelid

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After an assault, sometimes the bone underneath the eyeball can break, much like the crumple zone in your car. The idea being that a broken bone isn't nearly as bad as a popped eyeball. Sometimes insurance will cover it. It depends on what is going on. Was a police report filed? I'm not sure what the laws are in NY vs NJ, but a police report helps.

Dan Landmann, MD
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