Broken Capillaries on Breasts After Implants- Could These Damage My Results?

I am 6 weeks postop and in the past week I am starting to develop LOTS of little dark broken capillaries (spidel like veins) on my breasts, all over. I am not being too aggressive with massage. I am becoming very self conscious with them so I have booked in for ipl to treat them, could this be harmful to augmented breasts at all? Thank you surgeons!

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Spider veins after surgery.

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This issue is not uncommon and many times resolves on it's own.  I don't think it's related to massage.  I have patients that I have successfully treated for this issue with lasers.

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Broken Capillaries after Breast Implants

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Have you spoken to your surgeon about the capillaries to see what he/she recommends? I agree that IPL will most likely not damage the implants.

Broken Capillaries After Breast Augmentation

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Broken capillaries on the skin of the breast is not a common occurance after breast augmentation. It is most likely to be due to skin trauma. IPL would be an appropriate treatment and would not be harmful to your breast implants. Keep in mind that IPL treatment may have to be repeated or that it may not be entirely successful. Thank-you Dr Isolde Hertess 

Isolde Hertess, MD
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Laser Treatment and Breast Implants

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The light that is projected from from laser or IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy only penetrates the skin for a few millimeters.  Therefore, they can be safely performed on augmented breasts without harming the breast implants which are positioned much deeper.   Lasers have been used to address bruising, spider veins, or tattoos on the breast without problems.

Adam Hamawy, MD
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