Will pubic liposuction increase visible penis size for non-overweight male?

I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon recently as I was interested in liposuction around the base of the penis to increase the visible length of the penis. He informed me that there was zero need and that surgery would make no difference. Saying that this procedure is only beneficial for very overweight men or those suffering from 'buried penis'. Myself I am in good shape with low body fat but still around an inch of fat between the pubic bone and base of the penis. Could I benefit at all?

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Penis enlargement surgery and lipo of pubic area

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We have performed penis enlargement for years in our practice.  Maximum of lenght increase is 2 inches with surgery and 30 percent increase with alloderm for girth.  Liposuction helps the penis look longer if the pubic fat pad is large.  Also pubic lift helps as well.  

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Pubic lipo and apparent penis size

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Hi cardiff

Shooting blind here without pics, I will give you something to think about.

Get a second opinion if you are not satisfied.  Go to a reputable doctor only.

An inch is about 2.54 cm. We need to leave about .4 or so cm, which means, in general, about 2 cm can be removed (depending on exam).  Without physical exam, it is impossible to understand how this will affect the penis, erect or at rest.

Regardless, sometimes only a small improvement will be needed to make people happy, and only you can decide.

Good luck.


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