How Much Weight Should I Loose for a BBL? (photo)

I'm 25 years old and I'm 5"6'. I weigh 250 pounds. My fat isn't on one place of my body it's stored everywhere. I'm very Portioned through out my whole body. I have always been a big girl. I would say I'm big boned because I feel like my Bones aren't petit. I have a figure already but Not happy with my body. I just want to know how much weight should I lose for the BBL. my butt isn't flat but I feel like it has too much chunk on the top of my butt. P.s I hate the fat on my arms. Thank you.

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Brazillain butt lift and weight loss

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You dont need to lose any weight if you are healthy otherwise. Choose wisely and see a plastic surgeon who is board certified by the american board of plastic surgery and has done a ton of butt lifts. All surgeries carry risks so shop around and go to someone who thinks; saftey first.

5'6" 250 lbs should you lose weight before Brazilian buttlift

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       I hate to be the one lone dissenter, but I would absolutely recommend weight loss prior to the procedure .   I would recommend that you lose down to a healthier weight of 190 or 200 lbs.  This will reduce your risk for complications, leave plenty of fat for the Brazilian buttlift, and prevent future health problems.  I routinely liposuction 5 liters, and transfer 3 liters to the buttocks, and I can tell you that after the weight loss you will have way more than 5 liters. 

You don't need to lose any weight before your Brazilian Butt Lift

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You do not need to lose any weight before you get a BBL. Your surgeon can liposuction the fat and use it for buttock augmentation. Whatever fat is left over and is not going to be injected, can be discarded. Obviously losing weight will improve your health and decrease your risk for complications.

Is it okay to lose weight before a Brazilian Butt Lift?

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You should lose as much weight as possible.  You want to be healthy in preparation for the surgery, and you want to be healthy overall.  Just about everyone looks better after losing weight, and your surgical results will be that much better.

Dennis Dass, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Preparation for BBL- Brazilian Butt Lift in Los Angeles

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To get the best result for Brazilian Butt Lift a plastic surgeon need much fat, and therefore the more fat you have prior to surgery, the better the results can be. I often, perform large volume liposuction on a person like you in order to remove most of the fat from the abdomen, flanks, upper and lower back, and parts of the thigh. This alone, will help to shape the torso and will also reduce the waistline. It would also provide ample fat for fat grafting the buttocks.

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