Can I Get Breast Implants if I Have Had a DVT?

When I was 8 months pregnant, I developed a large clot in my upper left thigh. I was on Lovenox for 6 months and should only need blood thinners again if I get pregnant again. All the blood work came back clear of any genetic disorders after that. My doctors decided, that I was just in that small percentage that developes a clot from the from pregnacy itself. With that being said, is it safe for me to undergo surgery for breast implants?

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Hypercoagulable states and surgery

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CB11, you experienced a DVT while pregnant but were subsequently worked up and found not to have permanent hypercoagulable state (sticky blood).  If you are intent on having breast implants, ask your Hematologist and PS to formulate a peri-op plan for you.  I would suspect that you will do well.  Good luck.

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Breast implants and DVT's

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I had a patient in the same situation awith a clot during pregnancyt and had a work up and was found to have a blood clotting deficiency as well which would lead to bleeding..go figure?  Anyway, as long as your hematologist gives the go ahead and the recommendationas are followed, it should be OK.  But again, check with your hematologist and plastic surgeon.

A breast augmentation can safely be done after a DVT

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Hi.  A breast augmentation can safely be done after a DVT.  It will be important to take certain precautions (like stopping smoking, hormone supplements or birth control pills) and possible using a low dose blood thinner as a preventative measure.

Blood Clots during Surgery

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Having a previous DVT is a risk for another DVT.  However, with the right precautions and treatments, it is still possible to have surgery.  If you discuss your situation with your surgeon they may want to have you see a hematologist prior to surgery to help coordinate your care.  Good luck.

Breast augmentation with implants after a DVT.

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If you have undergone a full evaluation and you are otherwise at low risk for a DVT, I believe you could undergo a breast augmentation with small likelihood of a recurrent DVT using non-anticoagulant prophylaxis.

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