Are my Breasts Saggy

Im 20 and hate my breasts. The nipples point down and I have large arola with blue green veins. What should I do??

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20 years old - should I consider surgery to lift my breasts?

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Thank you very much for your enquiry and enclosing your photograph. It does look a little bit as if your nipples are in a slightly low position and your right looks slightly lower than your left. 

Breast sagginess is known in my profession as breast ptosis and is generally measured by the relationship of the nipple to the fold underneath you breast.
If your nipple is at or below the fold, you are considered to have some droop.
From your photograph I would assess that you have slightly more ptosis (droop) on the right side and if you were considering surgery I would possibly recommend you consider an uplift procedure at the same time.
With best wishes.

Treatment for “Saggy” Breasts?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

There are a variety of different ways to address your concerns. Exactly the procedure that is performed depends on your goals in regards to size, shape, superior pole volume etc.  For  example you may benefit from mastopexy (breast lifting) of both breasts  or breast reduction surgery.

Like with any surgical procedure, you should carefully consider the benefits of the surgical options versus the potential risks/complications.  You should also be aware of the presence of scarring (and potentially abnormal scarring)  and her ability to accept them.

In person consultation with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon along with a detailed discussion of the pros/cons of surgery will be in your best interests.

Best wishes.

Saggy breasts

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Your breasts are large and have some ptosis, which is the result of the heaviness. The nipple areolar complexes are large and spread. I think you would benefit from a small reduction, which is effectively a lift, and reduction of the areolae. It is slightly difficult to tell from the photographs but there may be a difference in the nipple heights which is aesthetically displeasing. This can be corrected at the time of surgery.

Breast reduction surgery can rejuvenate the breasts

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From the vantage point that your photos were taken from, its difficult to assess how much sagging breast tissue you have. A vertical breast lift with a small amount of reduction from the lower portion of the breast will substantially improve the shape and position of your breasts. The areolar diameter will also be substantially reduced. Good luck ! 

Breast lift/reduction

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Your breasts are a bit heavy, and the areola are a bit large; but I won't call them abnormal by any stretch. You are also perhaps quite young to consider any definitive surgery. However, if you have made up your mind, you should perhaps have a small reduction with a vertical scar technique which will reduce the size of the areola, lift the nipple position and make the breasts lighter.

Anindya Lahiri, FRCS (Plast)
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Your breasts are fine

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Your breasts are fine. I would not perform surgery on you at this time in your life.


Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 123 reviews

Breasts are saggy, what should I do?

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Your breasts are full, and a little "saggy" perhaps.  The more full a breast is (as opposed to deflated), the more you expect some overhang which is not necessarily a bad thing in moderation.  Although you could certainly have a lift (or even a reduction and lift if you wanted your breasts to be smaller as well), you must accept the scars.  I do not find your breasts aesthetically objectionable, at least in the views that you show.  You should look at a lot of photos of breast lifts and the scars, from great to average to bad, so that you know what you are trading and what your scars might look like.  The worse the breast looks beforehand, the better the tradeoff may be.

Are my Breasts Saggy

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One girls saggy is another's happiness. You should seek in person consultations with boarded PS's in your area. At this in person evaluation you can discuss options and treatment alternatives as well as scars . 

Might consider breast lift

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Your breasts are large and appear to be sagging with wide areolae. You can consider a breast lift (mastopexy) to reduce the amount of sag and get desired areolae size. For best results contact an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

Chen Lee, MD
Montreal Plastic Surgeon
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Internal breast lift with lollipop scar works well.

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Your breasts are a little saggy, slightly big, and your areolas are too wide.  A good breast lift will fix all these issues, but how it is done is very important.  I think the vertical techniques  (either Lejour or Hall-Findlay) give the best long term results by far.

This is because these operations do not rely on tightening the skin to correct sagging.  Skin stretches, and so the traditional techniques (which work by creating a new tighter "skin bra") do not give good long term results.

Make a real effort to find a plastic surgeon who does the vertical operation.  And ask to see a lot of before and after pictures.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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