Autoimmune Hepatitis, Cirrhosis, Hypertension - Can I Get a Breast Lift w/ Implants?

I am 25 yrs old and wanting a breast lift with implants. I was in the hospital and gained 50 lbs of water weight in 2 days and it took a toll on my figure i have excess skin now that droops in my pelvic region i would like to get taken care of also. I have health problems and am not sure if i would be eligible to even get the procedure done. I have autoimmune hepatitis. Cirrhosis of liver not due to alcohol. Pulmonary hypertension. I just had my thyroid removed due to thyroid cancer.

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Breast Lift/ Augmentation with Medical Problems?

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I'm very sorry to hear about all the medical issues you have been suffering  through.

None of the medical conditions that you have described are absolute contraindications to surgery;  however, only your physicians who know you well will be able to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for elective surgery. They will make this determination based on your overall medical condition and the risk/benefit ratio.

Wishing you better health.

Breast lift with implants in a patient with Hepatitis, Cirrhosis, Hypertension?

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I am sorry you are having these serious health problems at such a young age, and absolutely understand your wish to improve your appearance and feel better about yourself after all of these issues!

The short answer is that elective surgery is indeed elective, but that also means you have to find a surgeon who is as willing to accept the risks as you are. And the risks are truly increased.

Your internist needs to perform a comprehensive physical examination to determine if you are even an appropriate candidate for surgery of any kind, much less elective. Your hypertension needs to be controlled, your blood should have normal clotting characteristics, and your weight needs to be stable. You should not be on steroids or immunosuppresive drugs, especially if you are considering implants, which could become infected and be a serious risk to your life, not just a good cosmetic result. You cannot be a smoker, or use alcohol of any kind. You should be finished with any kind of chemotherapy or radioactive iodine therapy. Your oncologist should give you a clean bill of health from your thyroid cancer standpoint, and your thyroid hormone levels should be stabilized on your thyroid medication.

Talk candidly with your own physician. The stress of surgery (even if it is elective) is quite real, and your body may have just handled enough of that for a while. Once you have regained some of your strength, have stabilized your overall health and blood pressure, and have minimized your medications under physician guidance, then you may be an appropriate candidate for the second part of accepting the risks and potential complications of elective surgery (as noted earlier, they are increased in your case, because of a number of factors), and that is finding a plastic surgeon who is willing to share with you in those risks. Not every surgeon will. Good luck and best wishes!

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