Afraid to Ask my Doctor Questions Related to Post-op Breast Surgery

I saw PS last Monday which was my four week mark. When I told him I was concerned about the right breast and that it is not dropping, he only looked at me and said "I'm afraid it's the bandeau for you so you can have the results you want by May." He then wrapped the bandeau around me and left the room telling me to schedule my next appointment for 2 months away. No explanation of why one breast has dropped and not the other, no reassurances that there is nothing wrong.

Should he have felt the breast or be looking for hard spots or where the breast implant is actually sitting? I am really very concerned that there is something else going on here. This is now my fifth week and still no change! My right nipple hurts and is darker than the other, and I have what lookes to be a bruise (across the right breast only) where the bandeau sits. Should I be concerned that I have some kind of infection, or fluid build up? How long should I expect to wear the band and see results?

I scheduled another appointment for tomorrow to ask more questions (I am afraid to ask him questions because he has made remarks like "Your questions bring me to believe you are seeking attention, and I worry about you."). So I am bringing a friend and written questions with me.

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You may have different pockets after breast implants.


I think breasts should look fine right away after breast implants. In your case, they didn't, and then the left one improved. Straps don't help. I am afraid you may need a revision breast augmentation in a few months.

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Post-op breast surgery

If you have questions that were not answered in yoru follow-up appointment with your doctor, then I would reschedule an appointment and have your questions answered. There is no excuse for this.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breasts are sisters, not twins

It is very typical for one implant to drop more quickly than the other, mostly due to arm usage. So long as you are seeing gradual improvement in shape, you're probabaly headed in the right direction. Your photos don't look atypical to me, so hopefully that reassures you a bit.

Don't worry about asking your surgeon questions. Just ask. Also, listen to what his staff has to say--they stand there all day listening to what he tells all his patients, so they are very well-informed and can answer a lot of questions.

Good luck!

Carmen Kavali, MD
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You should be able to ask questions



I think bringing a friend long is a good idea but you should as well write down the questions you have to make sure they get addressed. Many times the nurse or back office staff can be helpful in answering questions as well. Best of luck at your appointment.

Dr Edwards

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Don't be afraid of your doctor

you should never be afraid to ask your doctor questions. surgery is scary and he or she may relieve some of the preoperative stress.

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