Breast Reduction. Any Surgeon That Accepts Medicaid (Molina)?

Is there any plastic surgeon in broward or dade county excepts medicade im trying to do my breast reduction i have my approval i just need to find a surgeon. please help me

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Breast Reduction and Medicaid

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The ASPS website is a good starting point for qualified, board certified plastic surgeons who may accept medicaid. Due to low reimbursement rates, it is unlikely that many surgeons will accept medicaid.

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Breast Reduction and Medicaid Coverage?

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Unfortunately, you may find it somewhat challenging to find a plastic surgeon willing to work with Medicaid,  given the extremely low reimbursement rates. This will be especially true about finding a plastic surgeon who does quality work (and is therefore busy and does not “need” to work with the bureaucracy involved).

You may want to start with the American Board of Plastic Surgery and find a list of board-certified plastic surgeons in your area; you will need to call their offices and inquire about Medicaid  participation.

Depending on what you find, one option would be to slowly save and have the breast reduction procedure done by the most qualified/experienced plastic surgeon you can find;  ultimately, what will matter is the end result.

Best wishes.

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