Breast Reduction Antibiotics?

does everyone receives antibiotics medication after breast reduction? My Ps said i wont need them and only prescribed perkecet, is that ok?

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Antibiotic use in cosmetic breast surgery

DivineDaughter777: Great question.  There is a general trend to using only prophylactic antibiotics for cosmetic surgery (i.e. the IV dose received at the time of surgery).  The rationale for this is to avoid selecting resistant strains of bacteria but limiting their exposure to antibiotics.  Analysis or a  recent study of practicing PS' prescribing habits supported your PS' recommendations.  Remember that all medications, including antibiotics,can have effects, some of which are undesirable.  Keeping your post-op meds to a minimum of Percocet is probably a good idea.  Good luck.

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Antibiotic and Breast Reduction

This is a controversial topic but here is my opinion. As long as IV antibiotics are given starting before the incision is made you are probably safe. However, following the advice of your plastic surgeon is key to minimizing problems. In my experienced, the vast majority of all board certified plastic surgeons use antibiotics following breast surgery for a very limited course. No more than a 24 hour course and as few as a single dose of antibiotics following breast reduction is recommended by most experts.

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Antibiotics after Breast Reduction

    Perioperative antibiotics should be administered, but postoperative antibiotics may be given.  Also, some surgeons place drains with breast reduction and some do not.  Those who place drains may be more likely to administer antibiotics while the drains remain.

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Breast reduction antibiotics

I think that most surgeons will give a does at the time of surgery and some do not give after surgery. It is personal preference.  Some studies suggest it is not necessary to give antibiotics after surgery.

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Antibiotics after Breast Reduction?

Yes, I think your plastic surgeon's recommendations are just fine. I am also starting to move away from postoperative antibiotics as much as possible,  using antibiotics “prophylacticly” intravenously routinely.

Please don't be alarmed/confused by what you may hear from a variety of different sources;  generally best to follow your chosen plastic surgeons' instructions ( assuming you have done your due diligence in selection of plastic surgeon).

 Best wishes with your upcoming procedure.

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