Post Breast Reduction and Brown Nipple Discharge?

Hello, I'm 12 weeks breast reduction post op, and my right breast still has a few hard swollen spots. Today they started to ache and then I noticed that the nipple had brown discharge. I have had that breast drained at my 6 week appointment but not since. Is this a seroma and will my body just take care of itself? or is this something worst and I will have to go back in to have it looked at. thanks note: I had almost 10lbs removed between both breast. This side was worked on the most

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Brown Discharge at 12 Weeks after Breast Reduction

   12 weeks after breast reduction there should not be any drainage.  The plastic surgeon would want to know about that and examine you for fluid collection or signs of infection.

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Brown discharge from nipple

It sounds like you have a small hematoma and the nipple is draining a bit of the hematoma.  It should not persist long.  If it does, consult your physician.

Talmage Raine MD FACS

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Brown discharge from nipples?

A brown discharge from the nipples after a breast reduction could be several different things.  It could represent old blood, seroma fluid, infection to name a few. Best to be evaluated by your surgeon.

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Brown nipple discharge after breast reduction suggests deeper problems

Amizzz41: By your account, you had "gigantomastia" and had a very large breast reduction.  Did you have drains placed?  I suspect that given your history of drainage, 6 weeks post-op, you probably didn't.  There are two possibilities to explain the spontaneous nipple discharge: 1) the firmness could represent fat necrosis, areas of fat in the breast, which didn't tolerate the breast reduction, lost blood supply and subsequently broke down or liquefied, resulting in brown nipple drainage.  2) the firmness could represent a consolidated hematoma (collection of blood), which was undergoing secondary liquefaction or breakdown, resulting in nipple drainage.  Consult with your PS, who will undoubtedly be able to manage it for you.  good luck. 

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