Breast Reduction and Pain After Chiropractic Treatment?

Six months ago I had breast reduction surgery. Everything went well. Six months after my surgery I saw my chiropractor due to lower back pain. As he was pressing on my back I felt a sudden pain in my left breast. The pain, now a constant dull ache, is still there two weeks later. There is no redness, swelling, nor do I have a fever. Is it possible that the chiro treatment somehow ruptured something in my breast?

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Trauma to the breast after chiropractic manipulation is probably trivial.

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If there was undue pressure put on your breast during the manipulation it is possible that you suffered some trauma. If you're concerned about something specific bring it to the attention of your surgeon.

Breast pain after a chiropractic treatemtn

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I would think that the pain would not be related to your breast reduction but it is hard to diagnose with out a physical examination.  I would start with your chiropractor since this is when the pain occurred during a manipulation. 

Breast Pain After Chiropractic Manipulation

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It is unlikely but not impossible that pressure cause a problem.  It is more likely associated with your musculoskeletal system as opposed to the breast itself. Discuss this matter with your surgeon and chiropractor. Best wishes.

Chiropractor after breast reduction

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At six months after a breast reduction, I think it would be highly unlikely that anything was injured.  If you are concerned, I would suggest seeing your surgeon. 

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