Showering After Breast Augmentation?

My crease incision from breast augmentation will be closed with external nylon sutures. I have heard different stories as to the timing of suture removal, as well as showering. When can I shower if my incision is closed with nylon sutures?

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Showering and sutures after breast augmentation

Patients may shower 24 hours post operatively with care. Sutures are removed at your one week follow up visit, typically 7 days but no earlier.

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Showering after surgery

Usually, incisions are removed at about 2 weeks or so. You can take a shower one to two days after your surgery, but you should have received instructions from your surgeon about this that you should follow.

Showering after breast augmentation

Thank you for the question.  We usually recommend patients to shower after 48 hours from surgery.  Best to follow your surgeon's advice on the matter.  Best of luck. Dr. Michael Omidi.

An in-person exam with a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best way to assess your needs and provide true medical advice.

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Showering Following Breast Augmentation

Patients are eager to shower following any type of cosmetic surgery. We generally recommend that patients wait at least 24 to 48 hours following surgery to shower. At this point the wound edges have sealed.

Although it’s reasonable to shower one to two days following surgery, it’s important not to soak in a bath tub. This could ultimately cause infection and other complications.

Each surgeon has his own protocols. For this reason it’s important to discuss bathing with your surgeon before undertaking this activity. 

Showering After Breast Augmentation

Some surgeons answer this question differently, and it's most important to follow your own surgeon's directions as they will know all the details about your particular incisions. For a frame of reference, though, at our clinic we recommend patients wait 48 hours before showering. In the meantime, you might choose to stock up on baby wipes to use on other areas of your body (not your surgical site) when your showering routine is compromised. Some of our patients find that this helps them feel more refreshed during the earliest phase of their recovery.

Ask your surgeon

I ask the patients to shower on postoperative day number 1.  But that will vary from surgeon to surgeon.

Can I get my stitches wet

It generally takes an incision 24 hours to heal.  We usually recommend waiting to shower for at least 48 to 72 hours just to play it safe.  However, it is always best to follow your surgeon's recommendation.  Your surgeon will be aware of the type of skin closure, and will be the best to answer your questions.

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Breast augmentation

Showering following any surgery is best left to the discretion of the surgeon performing the surgery.  Only they are familiar with you and your surgery.  I would ask him/her.  In general, the body seals itself after a few hours, so, theoretically, it can get wet.

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Typically you can shower by 48hrs

The reason behind not getting your incision wet immediately after surgery is to help avoid infection. Your skin is the best barrier to infection. Obviously with any incision your skin is opened and is the source for infection. It takes about 24-48hrs for your incision to become sealed enough where it will be water tight. The dressings put on at the time of surgery are sterile and keep the area protected until your skin can be the barrier again. So, most would be OK with you taking a shower and getting your incision wet by 48hrs. Discuss your concern with your surgeon and be sure to follow their advice. You also mentioned Nylon sutures. Most surgeons do not use outside or visible sutures to close the crease incision. Discuss your options with your surgeon and make sure they are board certified in plastic surgery.

Depends on your plastic surgeon

As I have mentioned in other posts I close my incisions with internal dissolving sutures and I allow my patients to shower after I see them on the morning after surgery. I do ask my patients to not immerse their breast incisions for 4 weeks after surgery (bath tub, jacuzzi, spa, pool, lake, etc.) Talk with you plastic surgeon abouth their specific recommendations. Take care.

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