How to Remove Elicon Breast Injections?

I had some kind of Breast Augmentation through injectable fillers called Elicon five years ago. What are procedures or treatments to remove this? I've had some complications to my health. I’m worried that sometimes I feel some small nodes on my left near the armpit and around both breasts. I am worried and that is why I want to have it removed. What safe procedure can you recommend for me? Please help.

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Removal of silicone injections from the breasts

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Treatment of silicone fillers into the breasts can cause lumps and lymph node inflammation.  These lumps can be removed after a mammographic or MRI screening is performed. Surgery90210

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Elicon removal is extremely difficult

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Elicon, as I mentioned in answer to your last question, is a liquid silicone product that was used in the 1950's and 1960's, when it was injected into the breasts for augmentation. It was frought with complications, some of which you are now experiencing. The lumps in your armpit probably represent lymph nodes that the liquid has traveled to causing a granulomatous (inflammatory) reaction.

Unfortunately, because the liquid travels and diffuses through tissue very readily, it becomes widely dispersed, making removal EXTREMELY difficult. You may be better off leaving it alone. Or, see a qualified plastic surgeon for a consultation and discussion about your options. Good luck!

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