Correcting Silicone Lip Injection Damage

I was injected with silicone and after that some fillers (one was Juvanex). I have scarring that looks thick on both sides of my mouth. Can damage from silicone injections be corrected? Is there anything I can do?


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Silicone Injections and Correction: Permanent facial fillers vs. Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse;

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Permanent facial fillers are in a class by themselves. Silicone has been used extensively as a permanent facial filler with a widely variable safety profile. One of the real determinants of safety in silicone facial fillers is the quality of the filler. I have personally seen countless patients after injection of non-medical grade silicone by physicians in other countries. The results are often devastating.

Patients with permanent facial fillers are in a very difficult situation. The silicone is difficult to remove in certain locations and is usually widely and diffusely involved. Second, the inflammatory component of swelling and edema can create specific problems as well. At this time, despite many anecdotal options for ablation of intradermal silicone, there is no gold standard for removal of silicone. The mainstay of therapy is to reduce the inflammatory component of silicone injections using TAC injections.

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Your lips may be improved.

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Why were you injected with a more fillers ("Juvanex") (Juvaderm?) after silicone?

Did you receive Silikon-1000 by a board-certified physician trained in the art of the micro-droplet injection technique?

Since you had silicone once, followed by several other fillers, it's difficult to determine what's causing your problem. Scarring is not a typical problem with most injectable fillers.

Feel free to post / email me a photo demonstrating your concern, and I'll try to help you.

Best regards.

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Injected silicone

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Removing injected silicone is extremely difficult because these are microdroplets that can be found in all tissue layers where it was injected. The only real way to remove some of it, is to directly excise the tissue that is involved.

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Removing Injected Silicone

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Injected silicone can be a disaster.

In my practice, we see patients that have had silicone injected in their face or body. Many of these were done outside of the United States as most dermatologists and plastic surgeons recognize the problems that can occur with injecting free silicone into someone - especially non-medical grade. The body will form scar tissue around the silicone, however depending on the injection techniques removal can be challenging.

It may be possible to remove the silicone from an intra oral incision, but this depends on the amount of silicone and its position.

Find a board certified plastic surgeon to help you with this difficult problem.

I hope this helps.

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