Will Botox Wear off After 10 Weeks, I Hate the Results?

Please help, I made a mistake and got botox under my eyes before my wedding. I hate it, it looks like I am growling when I smile. Do you think after 10 total it will wear off some? Or start to soften? I had 16 unit under each eye. It makes my cheeks look chubby and my simle hard!

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Can I make my Botox wear off faster?

I'm sorry you don't like your result. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can make Botox wear off any faster. In most people it will wear off in about 3-4 months' time, but it could soften a bit more within your 10 week window. My suggestion would be to not stress too much about it, hope it goes away, and remember that on your very special day people will be focusing on how beautiful you look, not a tiny line below your eyes. While there may be some things to do to help soften this before then, I'd really suggest you just wait. The last thing you want to do is chase your tail on this one and correct, overcorrect, overcorrect, etc. That could be worse. So, relax, plan your big day, smile away, and enjoy it. Botox will go away.

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Botox will wear off faster in first time users and in areas such as below the eyes.

Dear writer, Botox will wear off faster in first time users and in areas such as below the eyes. I suspect by the day of your wedding in 10 weeks, your look will be far more natural and with a softer smile. In general, a typical amount of Botox injected right below the eye ranges between 1 and 2 units. Therefore, I suspect the amount you mentioned of 16 units, was most likely the amount used in total in the area around both eyes, and this is very adequate. Typically, I like to inject Botox below the eye in women in their 30s, 40s and 50s, who may have significant wrinkles form upon smiling, but still have enough elasticity in their skin so as not to cause worsening bags or laxity of the skin there.

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Will Botox Wear off After 10 Weeks, I Hate the Results?

Botox will eventually wear off, it lasts 3-4 months and there nothing possible you can do to speed this process 

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Ready for your big day.

Sorry you did not like the look that was achieved with your Botox injection. Fortunately, Botox will wear off and I find with first time users that the muscles return quicker than for patients that have been doing Botox for some time. If you don't want to wait, I recommend seeing the provider that did the Botox and seeing if they can soften your  "growl". You should be fine though for your Big Day. Congratulations!!!

Manuel A. Lopez, MD
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